Frequently Asked Questions

1)     Q: Do you supply Rail Plugs (caps) with my rails?

        A: Yes, Just add “Plugs” to the end of your Rail part number

2)     Q: Do you charge for Rail Plugs (caps)

        A: No, they are Free on request.

3)     Q: Do you have metal end caps

        A: At this time no; However please call us for suggested alternative solutions

4)     Q: Do you have Carriage bumpers

        A: Yes, we can make custom bumpers or provide or suggest industry standard bumpers.

5)     Q: Can you provide Tapped Co-axial holes in your Rail?

        A: Yes, we can provide inch or metric tapped holes on one or both ends

6)     Q: Do you cut rails to non-standard lengths.?

        A: Yes, We can to any length, and charge per mm; we have no-standard lengths

7)     Q: Do you charge for Cutting Rail?

        A: No, Cutting is FREE

8)     Q: Will your balls fall out if I accidently pull the carriage off the rail

        A: No, our MSA series of Carriages have a retaining device.

9)     Q: Do you offer specialty Greases

        A: Yes, for specialty applications like Extreme load, Foodgrade, Vacuum, clean-room.

10)   Q: Do you offer Maintenance Free carriages?

        A: Yes, We offer Self-Lube (SL) Accessory or Synthetic Long Life Grease

11)   Q: What do you suggest for highly contaminated environments?

        A: We Suggest our KK-Accesory Kit.

12)   Q: Do you offer Corrosion Resistant Rails or Carriages?

        A: We offer Chrome Plated Products, and we also offer Stainless Steel MSD series.

13)   Q: Do you offer Roller Carriages?

        A: Yes, we have Roller Carriages in our product line, but not stocked at our Holland, Facility.