Our COVID-19 Response

Valued customers, team, suppliers and partners: 

As we all find ourselves in this highly unusual and uncertain time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to reach out today on behalf of the Mission team to express our fervent hope that you and your family are staying healthy and well. For those of you who may have been impacted directly, our thoughts are with you for a full and speedy recovery.

At Mission, while we continue to operate, we are closely monitoring the situation daily, communicating with our team members, and following the protocols and guidelines provided by the CDC. We are encouraging any ill team members to stay home and rest for a full recovery.

For our partners, if you find yourself or your company in uncharted waters, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We have a wealth of experience in medical devices, food, and equipment required for your essential business. Along with a dedicated team of incredibly smart individuals who are willing to jump in and assist in any way we can. Capabilities that we can help with are; rapid R&D, engineering services, machining, and service and support for your complex equipment.

I also want to express our gratitude for the dedication and compassion of our emergency response and medical providers who are working diligently to ensure our health and wellbeing. In doing this important and lifesaving work, they are putting their own health at risk. Despite the disruption and inconvenience to our daily lives, I encourage us all to do our part to mitigate the speed and scope of the spread of the virus by following the guidelines of the CDC, WHO, and local health authorities.

Anxious and uncertain times tend to bring out the best in people. When we can come together in unconventional ways to work through difficult situations it makes us stronger and better. If you’re looking for ways to contribute. Local Hospitals are taking donations wood tv 8 has a good list that can be found here. Specturm health also has a site, here, with recommended guidelines for how to sew mask.

Please stay safe and healthy and reach out for with any question or concerns.  Below you will find links that may aide you through the stay-at-home process.


Scot Lindemann

Ryan Lillibridge
Director of Business Development


Activities and Resources for Staying at Home: